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dorway anxiety relief

Today there is an ever increasing number of people suffering from anxiety, stress and stress-related health problems. In fact, stress-related problems are rapidly becoming the number one killer, even exceeding cancer. Although before there were very few medications that could effectively help people with these problems and those that could be subject to adverse side-effects, today there has been a breakthrough in medical research which changes all that.

Today the breakthrough allows manufacturers of medications to CBN Oil For Anxiety. Of course, for many years people have claimed that marijuana eases their anxiety and stress but the problem has always been that marijuana has adverse side-effects such as giving the user a high and perhaps even becoming addicted to it. The breakthrough has come by researchers have now found a way to distinguish between what in the marijuana offers the health benefits and what causes the side-effects.

The results of the research show that cannabinoids are responsible for both but the cannabinoids which have CBD (Cannabinol) are beneficial whilst the ones containing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are responsible for the adverse side-effects. Now they have determined this, they are able to segregate one from the other allowing pharmaceutical companies to now CBD without fear of side-effects.

Although the Ancient Egyptians are known to have great advances in almost every field, they would have been glad of this discovery as, whilst they are known to have used hemp (marijuana) for medical purposes, they would have had to suffer the adverse side-effects when using it. In fact, research has shown that most advanced civilizations throughout history, used marijuana for health purposes but none as effectively as we can today.

Now that CBD has been separated from THC and its adverse effects, researchers are looking to find if it may have more potential for health benefits. So far, besides oils with CBD being able to relieve stress, there are now also creams with CBD which can offer relief from muscle pain but the research is not stopping there as they are even looking to see if CBD can offer any assistance to cancer sufferers as well as many other ailments.

The hemp plant, which of course is also known as marijuana has shown that it has the potential to possibly be the most valuable plant for the human species and perhaps even the planet. We have of course mentioned the health benefits it can offer us but the plant can also be used to make garments, which although not particularly essential, is useful. Perhaps the plants second most beneficial property that hemp has is one that can truly benefit the planet and that is that it can replace wood in many paper products.

Paper is, of course, derived from wood and wood comes from trees and so the excessive use of paper is what is responsible for deforestation which in turn, has been blamed for global warming. Trees, of course, take many years to replenish but as hemp grows fast, it can be replaced in just 6 months.

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