Relief from Joint Pain

dorway Joint Pain

Arthritis and other joint pains seem to bother an increasing number of people today and although the cause is often unknown, at least today there is a way to bring relief from that pain. The way to get that relief is by using the fairly recently introduced biomats. These are mats which have been specifically developed to ease pain in the joints and best of all perhaps, they afford that relief without the need for expensive medications which often don’t work anyway.

Although developed to help relieve joint pains, these mats have since been proven to also relieve back pains, muscle pains and an assortment of other pains and on top of all that, they have also been proven to reduce stress, increase blood circulation and also increase sleep. The mats are also effective in reducing suffering from muscle spasms and small strains and sprains and research is still underway to determine if the mats can provide other health benefits.

Originally designed for use in the home, the single biomat was the first to be introduced but these are now more frequently seen in medical clinics and other medical establishments, so much so that now a professional biomat is available which is more suited to a professional environment. This means that the ones which are now seen more frequently in a home are the queen size and the king size, the former being specifically designed to cater to two people at once whilst the second was designed to fit perfectly on a king size bed.

A control box comes with the biomat and this control box gives indications as to whether or not different components of the mat are working to their full capacity. There is also a temperature control on the control box and an alarm that gives a warning if anything is not correct on the mat. Obviously the control box and of course the mat itself, have to be connected by one connection to a power outlet.

The mat is actually comprised of 17 different layers, some of which do similar jobs but most of which serve different purposes. There are insulation layers and thermal protection and thermal preservation layers, waterproof and thermal insulation layers but also there is a layer of nano copper fiber, a layer made from peach and grape seeds which acts as a quantum energy layer and layers made from copper fabric which are electromagnetic interception layers. The bottom layer is made from high quality cotton and the surface layer, for comfort, is made from silicon urethane and cotton.

Although these layers may sound complicated and perhaps unnecessary, it is the exact order in which the layers are set which enables the mat to be as effective as it is in allowing the body’s own healing energy to actually work to its full potential with none of that energy being wasted or directed to the wrong places. The mat is therefore a totally natural aid to helping relief from so many different pains.