dorway skin care

Today people spend lots of money trying to take care of their skin and although many of them spend all that money, only a few see positive results. Many of the different skin care products have varying results and have an assortment of prices although most of them use similar ingredients. The best ingredients are usually natural ingredients and so companies like Meiling Skincare make soaps which include these ingredients and by doing so, provide a skincare product which is convenient and also effective. Some of the natural ingredients used are very effective and sometimes serve more than one purpose, for instance the benefits provided by Shea Butter are:

  • Moisturizer – Shea Butter provides your skin with a glow by hydrating, conditioning and balancing your skin. Shea Butter should be used as a raw ingredient as it loses much of its beneficial benefits during processing but if used as a raw ingredient, it can help reduce eczema, cracked elbows and heels as well as reduce dry scalp
  • Anti-Aging – The Vitamins A &E contained in the fatty acids of Shea Butter act as an anti-aging agent as they help skin’s elasticity which in turn decreases the wrinkles associated with aging
  • Healing – Shea Butter is perhaps most remarkable as a healer and can assist in the healing of many problems including burns, bites and wounds. It can also reduce muscle pain and arthritis as well as reducing swelling in the nasal passages which cause congestion and damage during colds
  • Appearance – Shea Butter’s moisturizing and collagen-boosting properties can reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy. By using Shea Butter regularly whilst pregnant, mothers can reduce drying of the skin
  • Prevents Diaper Rash – The collagen production properties that help make Shea Butter a good healer, also works on preventing a build of yeast which is the cause of a babies rash. As Shea Butter is a natural ingredient it is not harmful to a baby if used after a nappy change
  • Healthy Hair – As Shea Butter is an anti-inflammatory and seals in moisture, it fights bacteria that cause dandruff and so can leave hair soft, shiny and looking great

Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of the fruit from a Shea Tree which are found in West Africa. Although the benefits of Shea Butter have been known and used locally for hundreds of years, its true benefits have only become known to the west far more recently.

This is just one example of the properties natural, organic ingredients have and so with all the different ingredients available to be used in making hand-made soaps, nothing much more is needed once you use a good hand-made soap on a regular basis. Not only can hand-made soaps therefore take care of your skin but they can also help your budget by not having to buy expensive skincare products which, at best, only contain the same active ingredients as the soaps anyway. As with Shea Butter, some of these ingredients lose their properties when processed which is what happens to them when used in mass produced soaps.